Hayat Pharmacy is happy to offer a variety of COVID tests for travel, work requirements or personal use. 

COVID Vaccination Hayat

COVID Vaccine

In order to increase accessibility to the COVID vaccine, Hayat offers a variety of on-site and off-site clinics. 

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Hayat Pharmacy is committed to enriching the community with quality, compassionate and affordable care that people deserve. We distinguish ourselves from competitors by providing award-winning healthcare services that go beyond just filling prescriptions. Hayat Pharmacy is a locally owned pharmacy in the greater Milwaukee area.

​Since 2011 Hayat Pharmacy has been providing customers with innovative and award-winning pharmacy services such as free prescription delivery, medication therapy management, medication synchronization, safe medication disposal and community outreach events all over the greater Milwaukee area.




Simplify My Meds

All your PRESCRIPTIONS filled on the SAME DAY each month means fewer trips to the pharmacy, or one single delivery EACH MONTH.

Medication Therapy Management

Have all of your medications reviewed by a HAYAT PHARMACIST in your home or at our pharmacy for assured SAFETY and EFFECTIVENESS.

Dispose My Meds
PROTECT your family and the environment by SAFELY disposing of unused medications.
Community Education

Hayat Pharmacists know that INCREASED AWARENESS

and EDUCATION result in BETTER HEALTH. Attend one of Hayat's community education events and learn how to be healthier.



Keeping track of your medications can be difficult and confusing. Hayat Pharmacy offers FREE medication packaging to help make it easier.


At Your Doorstep

Can't Get To Us?