Durable Medical Equipment 

We offer superior service whether you stop in to our location

or speak with one of our representatives over the phone,

Sarah Westling our experienced DME manager/Certified Fitter

provides expert information to service your needs. We

take the necessary time to learn the specific needs of each of

our patients and customers, thus ensuring the best product

selection for their lifestyle.

Whether you are recovering from an injury or surgery or

adjusting to the limitations of growing older, Hayat Pharmacy

has many Daily Living Aids, Occupational Therapy (OT) and

Physical Therapy (PT) products available to increase your

safety and independence in your home. From Mobility Aids

such as crutches, canes, walkers and wheelchairs to Dressing

Aids like dressing sticks, reachers, sock aids and zipper pulls

to bath safety like grab bars, raised toilet seats, shower chairs

and commodes. We can recommend the product(s) that suits

your medical needs, lifestyle, home environment and budget.

Our goal is to help you feel more independent, safe and

comfortable in your home. We invite you to stop by our

store or call us at 414-238-9161 for more information.

Drive walker with wheels and glides.jpg
Standard Walker
  • Easy push-button mechanisms may be operated by fingers, palms or side of hand

  • Sturdy 1” diameter aluminum construction ensures maximum strength while remaining lightweight

  • Newly designed rear glide cap allows for walker to slide easily and smoothly over most surfaces

  • Vinyl-contoured hand grip

deluxe molded sock aid.jpg
Deluxe Molded Plastic Sock Aid
  • Molded design makes it easier to put on socks

  • 48” straps have handles for ease of          application

  • Includes garter clips for use with standard and lightweight compression stockings

carex raised toilet seat with handles.jp
Raised Toilet Seat
  • Adds 5” of height to the toilet seat

  • Padded armrests for comfort and support

  •  17.25” of width between the armrests

  • Safely Secures to the toilet 

  • Durable, lightweight and portable

Sprite-Series walker.jpg

  • Economical lightweight walker 

  • 6” wheel models ideal for indoor use now  with wider 40mm wheels 

  • Rigid contoured padded back support for  secure seating 

  • Sprite Regular comes with new storage bag  under the seat 

  • Safety accessories with reflection tapes visible from every angle 

Evolution Sprite 4 Wheeled Walker
Miscellaneous Wound Care Supplies
  • Basic transparent adhesive bandages.

  • Medicated bandages.

  • Dry gauze dressings.

  • Hydrogel dressings.

  • Hydrocolliod dressings.

  • Foam dressings.

  • Alginate dressings

15-20 compression stockings2.jpg
15-20mmHg Compression Stockings
  • Over the Counter (OTC)

  • Tired, achy legs

  • Occupational or Evening Edema (Swelling)

  • Leg Discomfort from long hours standing or sitting

  • Reduce Swelling During Travel/Prevent DVT

  • During Travel

  • Preventative for legs predisposed to risk

Medical Grade Compression Stockings.jpg
Prescription Level Compression Stockings 20-30mmHg, 40mmHg or higher
  • Heavy, fatigued, aching legs

  • Mild edema in lower extremities

  • Mild varicosities with minimal edema

  • Post-procedure of small and/or larger veins

  • Prevention or management of DVT

  • Superficial phlebitis

  • Orthostatic/postural hypotension

  • Post-fracture, post-traumatic edema

  • Skin changes without ulceration

  • Skin changes with healed ulceration

  • Skin changes with active ulceration

FLA Ankle Walker.jpg
FLA Orthopedics Standard Walker
  • Offers secure but lightweight stabilization

  • The high-quality rigid outer skeleton ensures

  • high protection of the foot, ankle and lower leg

  • Available in an adjustable air option