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The services they need. The care they deserve.

The customized care you expect from a community pharmacy. 

Hayat Long-Term Care (LTC) Pharmacy offers all the benefits of an accessible community pharmacy. Our customized approach to care helps meet the changing needs of our patients in Wisconsin and the skilled professionals who care for them at these facilities:

Community-Based Residential Facilities

Assisted Living and Memory Care

Senior Living   

Adult Family Homes

Residential Care Apartment Complexes

Behavioral Health Facilities

We make the difference by self-performing all pharmacy services, including patient consultations, dispensing, packaging, deliveries, on-call service, and billing. Our long-term care providers have access to our clinical expertise, superior medication availability and cost savings. Plus, we offer pharmacy services and products designed to help provide the best care to keep residents healthy and facilities compliant. Our LTC Pharmacy team will ensure residents receive the essential medication management and counseling, prescription medications and other specialized care services they need to foster good health - and quality of life. Let us help you make the switch to our award-winning pharmacy! 


Ready to learn more? Call us at (414) 269-2536 or email

Why choose Hayat LTC Pharmacy?

  • Seamless Onboarding - expedited onboarding to ensure new residents have the medication they need, when they need it

  • Daily Service and 24/7 Emergency Support - you'll speak with live and local pharmacy member every time

  • Controlled Delivery - in-house delivery means flexibility for service hours for you and on-time medication delivery

  • Compliance Medication Packaging - our state-of-the art single-dose and multi-dose packaging solutions increase accuracy for dispensing and helps you keep track of each resident's medication profile 

  • Monthly Medication Review and Counseling - our pharmacists will consistently check for drug-drug interactions, allergies and duplicate therapies to ensure appropriate medication plans for clients

  • Durable Medical Equipment - our DME specialist will come to you and provide residents with customized solutions for daily living aids or other DME needed to improve the safety and independence of your clients

  • On-Site Vaccine Clinics - we'll come to you and provide needed vaccines for your residents and staff

  • Administration of Long-Acting Injections - our nurses will come to your facility to safely administer long-acting injections

  • Prescription Savings Program - we'll help residents without insurance find the lowest prices

  • EHR/eMAR Integration - let us know what system you use and we'll integrate it with ours

  • Simplified Billing - our dedicated team will ensure billing is timely and accurate

Our specialized packaging increases safety and adherence.
Residents can easily take medications at specific times throughout the day. 

Ask us for a tour of our medication packaging center!

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