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Medications Made Simple

Taking the right medication, at the prescribed dose and at the right time is important for good health. To help our patients stay safe and save time, we provide free options like our special medication packaging to make life easier.

Our state-of-the art packaging service will replace the need of having to continually sort your medications or remember if you already took one of your prescription medications. It is designed to help you stay organized and keep track of all your medications, so you can avoid common accidents that can be harmful like taking a double dose of one of your medications. We offer single-dose cards or specialized multi-dose packaging units that have sealed compartments for medications to be easily taken at specific times throughout the day. Plus, images and descriptions of your medications and easy-to-read labeling of dosage instructions, expiration dates and more are printed right on the inside flap of your package for quick reference. 

Unlike other pharmacies, our packaging service is offered at no cost. We use the latest equipment and technologies and it is all managed in-house by our professional packaging team to ensure quality of care, including updating your packaging quickly if there are changes in your medication plan by your provider. 


How to Enroll

Save time and stay safe with our free medication packaging service. Simply ask your Hayat pharmacist about enrolling today!

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