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What is SMM?
With Simplify My Meds, Hayat Pharmacy reduces your stress and saves you time by filling all your prescriptions on the same day every month. Hayat Pharmacy will handle everything—from working with your physician and insurance provider—ensuring you never run out of your medications. Our Simplify My Meds program can simplify your life!

How does SMM work?       
One week before your scheduled pick up or delivery, a Simplify My Meds specialist from Hayat Pharmacy will call you to discuss any recent changes concerning your medications. After that, any new, discontinued or modified prescriptions are reviewed with your physician. Your order will be ready for pick up or delivery on the same day of every month.

How Do I enroll?        
Simply call us at 414-377-7733 and ask to speak to a Simplify My Meds specialist.

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