The Whitefish Bay Pharmacy was established by pharmacists M. Druschke and Mr. Thompson with business manager Allan J. Roberts in 1924. It was originally located in a non-extant two-story building on the 700 Block of Silver Spring Drive. After several years, Druschke and Thompson separated to start their own individual drug stores. Roberts hired pharmacist Dan Fitzgerald, and the business continued to prosper. After World War II, Roberts’ daughter, Roberta Klotsche, took over management of the store and moved the store to a new location in 1950. The new building was designed by architect Fitzhugh Scott Jr. and was constructed by the Selzer-Ornst Company for a cost of $80,000. It featured the new technology of air conditioning and a four-sided clock tower atop the building’s roof. The pharmacy contained a soda fountain in its L-shaped quarters, one of the building’s three storefronts. By 1952, a portion of the building’s 2,500 square feet of second-floor office space was home to the building’s architect. Shortly before the new pharmacy building was constructed, Fitzgerald left after purchasing the former Ott’s Drugstore. Throughout its history, a wide variety of retail businesses and offices have been located in the in the building.1

Where is Whitefish Bay Pharmacy by Hayat located?

At the former Fitzgerald Pharmacy

424 E Silver Spring Dr, Whitefish Bay, WI 53217

When will Whitefish Bay Pharmacy by Hayat open? 
Spring 2020

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Hayat Pharmacy Plans to Fill the Void Left by the Closing of Fitzgerald Pharmacy in Whitefish Bay

Two months after the Whitefish Bay community mourned the loss of its beloved Dan Fitzgerald Pharmacy, another independent pharmacy has stepped up to fill the void. Hayat Pharmacy, which operates 16 locations in southeastern Wisconsin, plans to open a new business, Whitefish Bay Pharmacy by Hayat, in the location vacated by Fitzgerald, 424 E. Silver Spring Drive.

Hayat Pharmacy Plans New Location at Former Fitzgerald Pharmacy Space in Whitefish Bay

The former Dan Fitzgerald Pharmacy in Whitefish Bay could soon again be home to another pharmacy that would come complete with a soda fountain. Tamir Kaloti, president of Hayat, said the pharmacy will be named Whitefish Bay Pharmacy by Hayat. Assuming Hayat receives necessary approvals from the village, Kaloti said he hopes the new pharmacy will be open in about three months.

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