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Our Passion for Serving the Community

Hashim and Tamir.JPG

CEO and Founder Dr. Hashim Zaibak and

President Tamir Kaloti

We started our pharmacy with the goal of providing quality healthcare to the traditionally underserved. We understand the importance of focusing on each patient’s individual needs and are committed to enriching communities in need with quality, compassionate and affordable care that people deserve.  

From the beginning, we focused on areas that can be described as “pharmacy deserts,” where residents often have little to no access to pharmacy services. Since transportation challenges are common in pharmacy deserts, we saw the value and need for offering a delivery service to all patients at no charge.


When we realized that many of our patients could not travel even short distances by car or bus to see a pharmacist, Hayat instituted pharmacist house calls for all patients. Because we often work with patients from widely different cultures and parts of the world--including many refugees and new immigrants--Hayat also provides free translation services. Hayat patients meet with a pharmacist in the comfort and privacy of their own homes and can speak candidly in their native tongue with the pharmacist. We currently provide this service in 21 different languages.


In an effort to eliminate further barriers to adherence, we invested in both enhanced staffing and significant capital expenditures in unique equipment needed to provide customized packaging and a robust medication adherence program. The end result is better patient outcomes.


All of us at Hayat - an Arabic word that means life - know that it takes a lot to make a real difference in a person’s health.

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